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Intellectual Property Protection Technology
That Makes a Difference

Advances in technology and software continue to change how law is practiced. Better efficiency, higher quality, and lower legal fees can all be achieved through use of well-designed algorithms and data flows. We use some of the newest and most innovative IP software to serve our clients.
How do we know it is the newest? Well..We developed it.

Intellectual Property Management Technology

We utilize our own proprietary computer algorithms and automated portfolio management tools in our day-to-day operations. This significantly increases our productivity, streamlines internal and external workflow and provides an additional layer of quality control.

Our IP protection and management technology is unique in the legal field and was specifically developed by Dr. Sivochek as a trademark practice enhancement tool.

Result: improved quality control, faster processing, lower legal fees.

Automated Infringement Monitoring and Investigation

We have developed our own infringement monitoring software, which allows us to track infringement on online marketplaces, social media and various websites automatically, thus dramatically increasing the effectiveness of our online enforcement, while drastically reducing legal fees and costs.

We also use proprietary data analysis algorithms in due diligence, research, use investigation and other projects for our clients. This allows us to hunt down online infringers effectively, regardless of their country of residence.

New Level of IP Portfolio Control

Have you ever paid your attorney just for emails with status reports and updates? Are you sure you want to pay for that?

With our law firm you control your intellectual property. Track the status of your intellectual property, monitor developments, receive automated updates, coordinate with a trademark attorney and manage enforcement actions, all with a few clicks of your computer mouse.

How? Just use our automated portfolio management system, which we provide to our clients for no additional charge. You hold the keys to your Intellectual Property portfolio. You are in control.