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Trademark Protection

With many years of experience registering and protecting trademarks, Sivochek IP Law Center strives to give its clients the maximum protection for their trademarks. Let us use our skills, knowledge and experience to protect your valuable trademark, so that you can focus on making your business even more successful.

Copyright Registration and Enforcement

Protect your work against infringement by obtaining a copyright registration. We have extensive experience registering all kinds of original works of authorship, from paintings to photos to music to software. A copyright registration provides signification protection and benefits.

Domain Names

Whether you want to purchase a domain name without disclosing your identity or make an infringer release a domain to you, we can help. We register, obtain and protect domain names worldwide...

Seasoned IP Attorney - Sound Advice

We have many years of experience protecting trademarks and other Intellectual property and guiding companies entrepreneurs toward building a strong legal foundation for their success. We provide cost-effective, efficient solutions to your Intellectual Property protection needs.

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