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California Residents
California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”)

If you are a California resident and want to use this website (the “Site”), please read this information carefully as it applies to you.

A. You Have the Following rights under the CCPA:
The California Consumer Privacy Act, Cal. Civ. Code §1798.100 et. seq. (“CCPA”), grants individuals who reside in California certain rights with respect to their Personal Information and requires us to provide such individuals with certain information, as follows:

1. California residents may exercise the following rights by contacting us:
a) Know the ways in which we acquire, use, share, disclose and otherwise process your Personal Information;
b) Know the specific pieces of your Personal Information that we collected, keep and use;
c) Request the deletion of your Personal Information, subject to several exceptions; and
d) Not to be denied goods or services for exercising these rights.

2. In addition, California residents have the right to opt-out of the “sale” of their Personal Information. The CCPA considers some transfers of Personal Information to third parties in exchange for value to be a “sale,” even if no money was paid.

B. Categories of Personal Information Sivochek IP Law Center has collected about visitors to this Site in the preceding 12 months:
1. Internet or other electronic network activity (e.g., your browsing or search history).
2. Geolocation data (e.g., your location, including latitude and longitude).
3. Inferences drawn from any of the above (e.g., your preferences or characteristics).

C. Business or commercial purposes for which Sivochek IP Law Center has collected Personal Information about visitors to the Site in the preceding 12 months.
1. Debugging, in order to identify and repair errors that impair functionality of the Site and quality of the information and services provided on the Site; 2. Detecting, preventing and protecting against security threats, incidents, and malicious attacks.
3. Advertising and promoting our own products and services, and providing related analytics services;
4. Monitoring and Auditing related to the Site’s interactions with you and other visitors, including, but not limited to, verifying quality and positioning of ad impressions, counting numbers of visitors and ad impressions to unique visitors, as well contextual customization of ads shown to you;
5. Internal research for software and technological development and improvement of our products and services, as well as improvement of safety and quality of the Site.

D. Public health, safety and compliance with legal requests.
1. We may access, use, and share with others your Personal Information for purposes of public health, safety, and other public interest matters.
2. We may also provide your Personal Information to local, state and federal agencies or law enforcement agencies in response to legal requests from such agencies.
3. We may also access, use, and share your Personal Information with private parties in response to subpoenas, search warrants, court orders, or other legal requests.

E. How Sivochek IP Law Center obtains Personal Information about you.
1. We may acquire your Personal Information when you contact us by telephone, mail, social media interaction or messaging (e.g., email, SMS, MMS, or similar technologies). We also may acquire Personal Information that you provide about other people, for example, when you refer others to us. 2. When you access the Site, certain Personal Information about you is automatically collected. Such information may include, without limitation, information about your exact geographic location, your IP address, webpages visited and actions taken by you on those webpages, other clickstream data, as well as information about the device you used to access the Site (the device’s make, model, settings, connection speed, browser type, operating system, and other parameters).

F. Categories of Personal Information Sivochek IP Law Center has sold about visitors to the Site in the preceding 12 months:
NONE. Sivochek IP Law Center does not sell any information about visitors to this Site to any third parties or entities. Any information collected by Sivochek IP Law Center about visitors to this Site is used strictly for the purposes discussed in Sections C and D above.

G. Non-Discrimination
Sivochek IP Law Center will not discriminate against you because you exercise any of your rights. If you make any request not to use or sell or delete your information, we will happily honor your request and will not retaliate or deny you goods or services or charge you a different price or rate for any goods or services.

H. How to Exercise Your Rights and Submit Your Request.
1. You can submit your request not to use or delete any information about you, as well as request a notice disclosing the information we collected about you during the preceding calendar year. Please submit your requests to Sivochek IP Law Center at the address below.
2. If you posted any information to the Site, you can also request that we do not use and/or remove any such information. To request removal of content or information, please submit your request to Sivochek IP Law Center at the address below.
3. All requests must be submitted to Sivochek IP Law Center, Inc. in writing at the following address: info@sivochek.com. Please allow 30 days for a response.